Who's Your Content Editor?

Our story and how it led us to help you tell yours

Us + You = Maximum Value

Our ultimate goal is to help you get the most from your content.

We’ve done exactly that for dozens of small businesses and entrepreneurs, increasing their content quality, web traffic, social media leads, conversion rate — helping them grow!

Are you a small-business owner frustrated with editing your website, blog, emails, or social media? Or a digital marketer who needs to put more of your time into producing and less into revising what you’ve already written?

Whatever your story or business, we’d love to talk to you about it!

The better we understand your business and audience, the better we can refine and optimize your content for you.

That’s why we’re called Your Content Editor!

We’re One-of-a-Kind, Just Like You


Your Content Editor is the first of its kind.

Content editing has always been in the background. Some freelance writers edit content on the side, top copywriting and marketing agencies employ content editors, and major corporations have their own in-house content editors.

But no business has offered digital content editing as their primary service… Until now! 

We use our backgrounds in copywriting, copy editing, content marketing, and website/WordPress content design to help you get the maximum value out of your existing content assets.

That includes websites, blogs, email campaigns, social media posts and profiles, online ads, and a lot more. 

We believe every business, no matter its size or age, deserves the chance to deliver its unique value to the world. And that includes both the content of your character and the character of your content

That’s why we put our content writing and editing services into simple, affordable pricing packages, so no business gets left behind in the 21st century. 

Meet Our Editor-in-Chief

Joe & Hanneke Ammel

“She’s the reason I left KC, my daily inspiration, and the Love of My Life.”

Image courtesy Amber Dawn Jennings.

Hello, I’m Joe Ammel, writer, web designer, artist, and entrepreneur (but more than all of these, a husband and father).

I’m a “good ol’ boy” from Kansas City (let’s go Royals) who broke six generations of tradition and moved to Holland to be with my wife and her two beautiful children.

I want to thank you taking time out of your busy day to come here and check out Your Content Editor!

I’m thrilled to bring you the world’s first brand dedicated first and foremost to perfecting your digital content.

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In the Beginning…

I’ve had a lifelong affinity for language and critical thinking. While working for small businesses in the financial and marketing sectors, their CEOs sought my advice and feedback on both linguistic and strategic issues.

During that time, as the Internet and social media became central to marketing, I began to notice that many small businesses’ websites, social media pages, blogs, and other digital content were lacking polish and professionalism.

From Idea to Entrepreneur

It turns out that Google was noticing the same thing. Over the last several years, Google has begun promoting high-quality websites and content.

Realizing this, and after hundreds of hours or research, training, and preparation, I founded Your Content Editor to help other entrepreneurs and small-business owners put their best faces forward.

If your digital content that isn’t performing as well as you’d like, we’re here to help!

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