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Content editing or original content...

Same Quality, Same Price

We’ll edit, optimize, and perfect practically any digital content for you.

Need new content? No problem! Our original content is free. Whether it’s your content or ours, editing is always that last step, so our content editing is all you’ll pay for.

We accept a wide variety of projects starting at 500 words and charge by the word or the minute, whichever is greater. This ensures you receive the maximum quality regardless of your final word count. 

WordPress Content Management & Optimization

By popular demand, we offer the bonus service of managed content uploads and optimization in either your WordPress application or your account.

Our pricing packages are designed to cover the content needs of all types of businesses.

We serve everyone from freelancers and startups who want to be taken seriously to physicians, attorneys, and established small businesses needing to project their authority in their field.

Our pricing packages allow you to select the level of depth, detail, R&D, on-page SEO, and authority you need at a price that fits your business’s budget.

Frequently Ask Questions

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Why 300 words?

That’s the minimum amount of content you need for a blog post. Otherwise, it will not improve your SEO.

Most webpages should be no less than 500 words.

Whereas, for a blog post to be considered substantial and high-quality, you’ll need over 1,200 words.

What if my project isn't 300, 600, 900, etc, words long?

Don’t worry, the “300 words” in our pricing tables is just to provide you an idea of our typical costs.

You will be invoiced according to your actual word count, rounded to the nearest 10.

For example, if you need a Detailed Revision on a 453-word blog post: 450 = 300 x 1.5. 

So your bill would be $55.50 ($37 x 1.5).

We’ll audit your content free-of-charge and prepare an estimate for you. Just contact us for your free consultation.

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What I need isn't covered in your pricing packages. How much will it cost?

We work with a wide variety of digital content. Call or contact us and we’ll discuss your exact needs.

Then, we’ll audit your current content for free and prepare an estimate for you.

If we can’t help, we can probably refer you to someone who can! No matter what kind of content you need, we’ll do everything we can to help you.

What if your estimate is wrong?

You will never be charged for a service unless we have your written authorization of the service in advance.

Like all estimates, we can’t be totally certain of exactly how much effort a project will take.

If your project requires any additonal service to meet your goals, we will either prepare you a new estimate for you, or otherwise explain what needs to be done and how much we believe it will cost.

To get an idea of how we can help and what it would cost, contact us for your free Content Audit and Estimate.

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